Monday, May 26, 2008

Tips when looking for a Fitness Club

It is not uncommon for people thinking about joining a fitness club to be a little confused by the choices available. However, until you know what your goal is it will be difficult, you need to work out what you hope to achieve by joining a club.

This may all sound trivial but the number of people that join clubs and then leave because it doesn't meet with their needs, usually within a matter of months, is enormous. The location is the primary thing that you should consider when finding a club because if the club is far from your home, you will find excuses not to work out so it is best to be either near your home or your place of work.

A good instructor can make or break a club because he is the motivator and that is the most important aspect for users. Always inform your physical trainer if you require any special attention or have any limitations they need to know about in advance.

You need to talk to the staff about their facilities and training programs, this will give you a good idea about the customer service level they provide. Increasing numbers of fitness clubs have specialists who work certain days or are resident such as physiotherapists and nutritionists for instance.

You also need to know that their opening times are extensive as if they are short you may find the club becomes very busy or it might be difficult for you to fit in with their schedule. For people with specific needs like aerobic classes for example, see if the fitness club offers a free trial lesson for new members.

Check if there is enough equipment for all the members otherwise, you will waste time waiting for your turn instead of working out. The more modern fitness facilities available these days are world apart from training equipment a few years ago; machines are much safer and easier to use but look out for damaged or broken machines as these should really be fixed within a week.

You may be invited to one of the clubs events to enable you to meet current member, this is well wroth the effort on your part as you may make a few friends before you actually join. You will also need to know what the membership fees are, whether they increase a great deal every year and if there are charges not mentioned in the literature.

Try to locate other fitness clubs in the area for a comparison as they might be less expensive or offer additional facilities for the membership. Take your time and don't let the club rush you into joining because a club that wants you as a member will put your needs first if they are looking to keep you happy.

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