Friday, May 9, 2008

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the condition where the skin appears to have that orange peel affect in certain areas; most areas of the body can experience its effects but sufferers mainly have it below the abdomen. It would be unfair to say this is a condition exclusive to overweight women because that couldn't be further from the truth; women who are naturally slim can also suffer with this unsightly problem.

Fat beneath the surface of the skin pushes against connective tissue causing it to give that dimpled look commonly known as cellulite. After many years of research, scientists still cannot determine the exact reason for its formation or why some are affected more than others but there may be some connection between toxins that enter the body and how certain fat cells store them.

This problem usually comes naturally with aging and similar to wrinkles that form in the face, it is actually the result of lower levels of collagen and elastin in the skin. The condition is almost exclusive to women and has been attributed to hormonal changes that take place as a woman gets older as the fat in the thighs and buttocks of men is the same as fat found in other parts of their bodies.

Even women who do not appear to have cellulite may have them and sometimes this is visible when the skin is compressed as in the case of squatting or when it is pinched between the thumb and forefinger; however as most women suffer with at some stage it seems to be a perfectly normal condition. There are several factors that contribute to the build-up; genetics probably, gender, the amount of excess fats in your body, age is a major factor and the thickness of the skin are all instrumental to its presence and just how visible it is, even at a distance.

One thing for sure is that technology has not as yet devised a miracle potion or treatment that can eradicate it completely. Where cellulite removal massage is offered at a clinic, all that is done is deep tissue massage which just masks the affect so it cannot be seen as readily.

Liposuction has now started to be used to try and remove the fat cells and even by injecting drugs directly into the affected sacks directly. Only temporary relief can be gained from both these procedures and liposuction despite its success at removing deep fat from large areas of the body, is not designed for the fats close to the surface as in the case of cellulite.

There isn't one single therapy or treatment that can rid someone of these fat deposits and even special burning creams provide dubious results; however the most recent creams available seem to just hide the effects or offer a temporary fix. So far the best method is back to basics combining a healthy diet with exercise that gradually burns off the fat but not the connective tissue where it is found.

In addition, increasing the intake of water will help cleanse the system and flush out damaging toxins plus smokers should stop smoking or at least reduce it which will also be beneficial as smoking impacts negatively on the capillaries in the skin and reducing stress will help reduce the amount of cellulite.

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