Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to Lose Weight Permanently

Get Fit After Kids
is written by Tara Dipalma
This is the only book you will ever need to Succeed in your weight loss journey as it explains step-by-step
How to Lose Weight Permanently.

Are you looking to eliminate that extra weight you are carrying once and for all?

Sick and tired of the fad diets, pills and potions? Do you want to be shown how to lose weight permanently?

Have you tried everything only to discover that you lose weight and re-gain it once you stop dieting?

Get fit after kids will teach you how to combine your foods for effective weight loss.

You can actually say “No more dieting” because when you follow the get fit after kids plan, it is not like following a diet. It is the "How to Lose Weight Permanently" Bible.

There are no forbidden foods; in saying that it doesn’t mean that everything is allowed, it explains which foods need to be eliminated from your diet and why and offers suggestions for healthier replacements.

Get fit after kids won’t leave you feeling deprived of your favourite foods or lethargic, on the contrary, you will feel satisfied and experience renewed energy levels.

Planning your meals will be a breeze no matter how capable you are in the kitchen. Get fit after kids suits all kinds of lifestyles from the people who like to graze all day long to the people who like to have 3 meals a day as well as the whole family, the new you is waiting just around the corner!

I thought that switching to a healthy lifestyle would mean major changes to the foods I enjoyed, I believed that healthy eating would mean salads for the rest of my life, don’t get me wrong I do enjoy salads but who can honestly say that they could happily eat them day in and day out? It all seemed so difficult however after reading get fit after kids, the light went on.

I was already eating mostly healthy foods, I was just combining them incorrectly, yes there were foods in there that needed to be substituted with better choices but the change wasn’t going to mean a major over hall, only a few minor changes were necessary.

I no longer dread planning a meal for the family because with a little imagination and armed with my Get fit after kids Bible, I can quite easily put a meal together that everyone will enjoy.

This is a huge relief for me; I no longer have to prepare one meal for the family and a separate meal for myself. I don’t want to teach my children that dieting is a necessary part of life; I want them to understand that healthy eating is a far superior way to manage and maintain weight.

With obesity affecting so many children these days, I believe that it is paramount that we teach our children how to eat a healthy diet and make dieting a thing of the past.

Grab your Copy of GET FIT AFTER KIDS The only book that will teach you How to lose weight permanently.

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